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“Well I Never !”   So we are rightly informed that ‘NEWS’ appeared in the 14th century - must have been a dull place before then, but then BLUE SKY didn’t exist either ’til much later! To be NEW or plural NEWS, we’re told the item must contain the five ‘W’s’, Who, What, When, Where, Why and also how! Additionally to make NEWS, an ongoing process must have a ‘peg’, an event in time tying it to the present moment and is often unusual or out of the ordinary in nature.  So as in the dictum “Dog Bites Man” is not news, here is our “Man Bites Dog” which certainly is!!  Who - Blue Sky What - Greetings Cards & Gifts...

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?Have Y'ewe Herdy?

Our New Product Range to make you Smile!! A Beautiful, Colourful and Fun range of High Quality Gifts, Homeware, Clothing & Accessories - See our collection Now!

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