“Well I Never !”


So we are rightly informed that ‘NEWS’ appeared in the 14th century - must have been a dull place before then, but then BLUE SKY didn’t exist either ’til much later! To be NEW or plural NEWS, we’re told the item must contain the five ‘W’s’, Who, What, When, Where, Why and also how! Additionally to make NEWS, an ongoing process must have a ‘peg’, an event in time tying it to the present moment and is often unusual or out of the ordinary in nature. 
So as in the dictum “Dog Bites Man” is not news, here is our “Man Bites Dog” which certainly is!!
Who - Blue Sky
What - Greetings Cards & Gifts
When - Lockdown to present
Where - Howden Gift shop & Online @ blueskycardsandgifts.co.uk
Why - To offer our customers something New & Exciting
How - Through calling at the shop or browsing our Collections Online
What a time it has been for everyone. To be honest, we didn’t know whether or not we would survive but thanks to our loyal customers discovering and using our website whilst the shop has been closed, we have kept our heads above water, just. 
Not to be ever ‘sat on our laurels’ and sticking to our principles of always trying to offer our customers something new and exciting (we get excited too!), during lockdown we’ve been busy changing things around and have been scouring the market to source some products to whet your appetite.
So what has changed?
Home fragrance is always popular and to that end we have some new Candles and Reed Diffusers from Stoneglow, gorgeous fragrance and attractively packaged. In addition we have added a range of candle tins by Janie Wilson, designed with particular reference to the more meaningful events in our lives, available in two sizes - just the ticket for that little gift!
For fashionistas and with Spring & Summer just around the corner (we hope!) we have new accessories from Powder including sunglasses, scarves, socks, headbands and scrunchies, a new to us range by Eloise including scrunchies and hairbands - wear them as you wish and you don’t even have to have hairy wrists!
Looking to treat yourself or need a gift for that special someone then take a look at our new range of equestrian inspired bags, purses and wallets in gorgeous sumptuous leathers.
Our ever popular range of Jellycat soft toys also gets an update with several new characters and new takes on the forever faithful ‘Bashfuls”.
Our Homeware offering has seen the addition of items from Kate of Kensington, a beautiful range of multipurpose platters, coasters, and other homewares that are each lovingly handmade from natural marble stone, each piece having its own completely unique characteristics. So now you can not only dress yourself up but also your table whatever the event.
Need a gift for a gardener then our Wrendale collection has a few choice items that they are sure to appreciate now things have started growing again (despite the current unseasonal weather)!
Again on the homeware front we now stock ‘Herdy’, a company based in the Lake District and offering a unique range of homewares, accessories and gifts made to make you smile.
So there you have it, just a few of the changes we have been making over the last weeks. If you can come into the shop we would be delighted to see you or take a look at our website, blueskycardsandgifts.co.uk  where we will endeavour to keep you updated with the latest additions.
Keep smiling, hope to see or hear from you very soon.

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